Body Mechanic & Energy Therapist 

Mike grew up an intense athlete with a strict regime of hard workouts. Over the years he cyclically moved up and down the ladder with injuries. He immediately saw a passion for personal training and this love for the human body. However, life got in way and he felt pressured to study financial planning and earned himself a Business Degree. Upon completion he had an epiphany. “How can I make money and enjoy the process?” He realized he wanted to train people in a way that it made the experience more valuable than losing weight and inches.

So, he began his journey through his own wounds and injuries defining a Body Reset technique that uniquely synchronizes the mind and body with the use of the amazing human frame. We are ecstatic to have Mike as part of our team at CFS. He is a true Healer who is genuinely interested in your health and the best way to make you feel better everyday.

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