Don, 56

I have worked in the construction industry over 37 years. My job is a physical one that requires a lot of lifting (up to 100 lbs.), using a sledge hammer, shoveling, pushing/pulling equipment, etc.

Through out my career I have suffered many moderate injuries, strained ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, back, and even a hernia. Although not were all work related, I would “work through the pain,” not allowing my injuries to heal properly.

In 2011 problems in my entire lumbar surfaced. L1/L2 to L5/S1 all showed signs of moderate to severe stenosis, protruding discs, facet arthropathy and/or grade one spondylolisthesis. Basically narrowing of nerve canals, arthritis, and forward displacement of the vertebra.

The first 3 to 4 months I couldn’t walk without a cane. The first couple of weeks I was pretty much home bound in a wheelchair. All due to the pain, discomfort and loss of movement.

My sister (an existing client) recommended to see Mrs. Calderone of Centripetal Force Studio.

Gina’s methodology of complete body and mind alignment uses a unique combination of several exercise methods and disciplines- such as yoga and pilates- to realign the entire body with itself in order to regain normal movement, flexibility, and strength, through exercise and stretching.

At about 4 months into my physical therapy I got rid of the cane and by 10 months I was able to perform most of my normal work and home duties that didn’t involve heavy lifting. It has been 3 years, and other than heavy lifting (50 to 60 lbs.), I am able to perform all of my work duties as well as my home chores.

I still do my daily exercise and stretching routine that takes about an hour, including icing or heat afterward. Although I will never do heavy lifting again, and at age 56, I don’t want to be doing that kind of lifting anyway. The goal of no surgery has been met!

The key is exercise and stretching regularly and allowing your body to heal properly when injured.

Additionally to my back being restored, when I do get or have a body or muscle ache or pull, I can use exercise and stretching techniques I’ve learned from Gina to heal them in days usually instead of weeks or even months.

Thank you Centripetal Force!

Sincerely (still a client), Don. 

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