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RE-CONNECT TO YOUR BODY. GET TUNED-UP. FEEL FANTASTIC Recover from surgery, Prevent injury, Heal from injuries, Connect to You, Get the most out of your workouts, Heal from chronic pain & illness


A balance of energy & physical therapies. Whether you are in pain or not, we manually work on your body, move the flow of energy, strengthen or lengthen your tissue to constantly find your center point. We never know what life will throw at us, but we check in with each other regularly to find the balance.


Our hips move us forward in life. It’s when we stop and ask ourselves, “Where am I going in life?”. Then we know, plant our foot in the prints and GO. This program has this philosophy coincided with manual therapy to open the hip, core connection and understanding new movement patterns to preserve the hip. When these two concepts connect, the hip glides and rotates, enjoying it’s new home. 

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We are located in Long Beach, CA

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