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RE-CONNECT TO YOUR BODY. GET TUNED-UP. FEEL FANTASTIC Recover from surgery, Prevent injury, Heal from injuries, Connect to You, Get the most out of your workouts, Heal from chronic pain & illness

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A stronger focus on energy work, combined with some physical therapy. This is where you’ve exhausted most services, tried almost everything and you need "something else". A place where you are searching for deeper meaning in your life in connection with your physical body.


“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” -Leonardo Da Vinci

Awaken your sole by feeling your feet strike the ground. We teach you the importance of stretching the fascia of your arch and mobilizing the toes with extra special attention to the great toe. We educate the value of strengthening the inner line of the leg- the arch, inside calf muscles, inner thighs and it’s connection through the pelvic floor to the core. This program can potentially save you from future bunion and hammertoe surgeries, collapsed arches and heel spurs. If you see your great toe starting to curve inward or the tops of your toes developing calluses because of hammertoes, even if the pain is minimal, come see us soon. We will connect you to the core of the problem with great understanding so you can walk forward in life with ease. 

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We are located in Long Beach, CA

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