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Gina Calderone, MPT, physical therapist, offers various education in Physioenergetic Therapy, a hands-on protocol to reverse the physiological effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in body, and Physioenergetic Anatomy, a tool to detecting the generational and emotional root of life-threatening experiences triggering a life-threatening cycle of pain, disorder and disease.

She offers these training sessions in workshops, webinars and classes. The Physioenergetic Therapy classes are geared toward hands-on healthcare practitioners in physical therapy, nursing and medical massage therapy. And, the Physioenergetic Anatomy classes are aimed toward people on the frontlines of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and intergenerational trauma including social workers, psychotherapists, youth education specialists, addiction treatment specialists, and restorative justice.

Below is a brief overview.


The ANS is known in eastern philosophies as the energy system or chi driven by a complex network of stored life experiences, sensations, thoughts, beliefs, generational programming, injuries including neglect, poverty, and war wounds for survival. The landscape of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) mainly developed in childhood is a complex network of electricity, programs like algorithms and neural hubs like small brains, also known as energy centers governing certain organ and hormonal systems with varying frequencies to transmit, broadcast, receive and connect information internally and externally to maintain health, safety and survival.

Physioenergetic Anatomy developed by Gina Calderone, MPT, is an emotional map of the physical body involving the energy centers starting from the sacrum at the base of the spine and ascending toward the crown. She uses this emotional map to chart a course for detecting and uncovering invisible wounds in the body and the roots of trauma in the family. The body does not lie. The deficiency or hyperactivity of energy in certain centers of the body can lead to sleep disruptions, hypervigilance, sensory issues, fogginess, respiratory, urinary, sexual, digestive, behavioral, mood, learning and intimacy problems. One of the goals of treatment is to identify the imbalances triggered by past trauma or injury.

Each center or neural hub along the spine is headquarters for particular organ systems. The pelvis at the base of the spine powers sexual, reproduction, urination and waste disposal systems. And, the gut energy center governs digestion that metabolizes food into power while the heart energy center behind the breast bone pumps circulation, matters of heart, and lungs to metabolize oxygen for breathing. This is a particularly powerful center as breathing is an autonomic nervous system function that can be manually controlled to shift from the sympathetic branch of the ANS known as fight-flight-freeze to the parasympathetic ANS known as rest-digest and repair. Breathwork is vital to retuning energy centers to balance and calm the ANS.



Module 1: 2 days (8am - 3:30pm)

Physical & Energetic Anatomy
  1. The power of the Bodymind Connection- diagnoses & internal thoughts
  2. Emotional Pain Chart
  3. Finding Health in Our Soul
  4. Epigenetics
  5. From Healthcare Provider or Fitness Trainer to Healer
  6. Pain, unravel the body, uncover the body story, energetically clear cords to the pattern, rewrite new story, connect to core-rebuild physical body, release, come back 3-6 months or within the year to maintain balance, check in is crucial.
  7. Trauma and The Body
  8. Fight, flight, freeze, collapse
  9. The Limbic System: the hippocampus, the hypothalamus and the amygdala. All are affected by trauma. The hippocampus is where the back of the eye attaches to, clearly being what we see. It also has to do with short term memory and storing into long term memory. Use visual rehabilitation
  10. Physical Body
  11. Anatomy review
  12. The Systems¾Nervous, Musculoskeletal, Vestibular, Visual
  13. Posture & Gait Analysis
  14. The Body’s Core
  15. Energetic Map of the Body
  16. Physioenergetic Anatomy teaches how the emotions within our daily lives and past experiences deposit and get stuck in our bodies.
  17. Experience a body scan to learn where you may feel depleted and shut down.
  18. Move the energy through your body, connect you to your core and lift your posture so you can feel confident and pursue your passion in life.
  19. Spiritual Sides of Pain
  20. The survival archetypes
  21. The unconscious patterns of behavior have often started in childhood out of survival and the goal is to become aware of how these invisible forces are toxic behaviors in life while also driving pain and disease. You have to identify them to change them. The archetypes help you to recognize the autopilot survival, familial, protective programs and beliefs developed in childhood that need an upgrade in adulthood.
  22. Life-threatening experiences can lead to life-threatening diseases passed from generation to generation. These are energetic disorders and disruptions in the autonomic nervous system that can be healed.
  23. Chronic Pain
  24. Cancer
  25. Addiction
  26. Attention Deficit (Hyperactive) Disorder
  27. Autism Spectrum
Online 1a- 2 hours

Module 2: 2 days ( 8am - 3:30pm)

  1. Evaluation & Assessment
  2. Interpreting Health History forms using Physioenergetic tools.
  3. Adverse Childhood Experiences Questionnaire
  4. Medical History
  5. Physioenergetic Process & Method
  6. Unravel, Connect, Rebuild, Thrive
  7. Centripetal Process
    1. Physical & Energetic Evaluation: Assess history of body pain and life experiences that unravel the wound-up body tension and negative thought patterns associated with the pain.
    2. Uncover the body story
    3. Clear energetic cords attached to traumatic experiences, abuse and boundary violations.
    4. Reset the alignment and posture to reflect a new energetic shift.
    5. Rewrite new story
    6. Connect to your physical core, redirect life path
    7. Release
    8. Rebuild a new self to feel strong on the inside and have courage to be who they are on the inside and pursue life's purpose.
  8. Transformation Process
    1. Unravel musculoskeletal tissue to open the heart
    2. Connect to the core muscles
    3. Continue to open the pelvis
    4. Pull the shoulders back
    5. Clean energetic fields
    6. Reset New structure with deep core support
    7. Connect to psyche and suppressed emotions
    8. Move with strength (Elevated Energy) x 1 year
    9. 10-day Cleanse- plant based diet
    10. Circle of life
    11. Pelvic floor Tx
    12. Connect to breath- conscious breathing
    13. Yoga practice
    14. You are not your genes- Epigenetics. Let’s RISE!
  9. Trauma Posture
  10. Common aches, pains and symptoms
  11. Polyvagal Theory
  12. The healing power of the Vagus Nerve- mouth to gut repair
  13. Regulating the Autonomic Nervous System
  14. Interoception- The eighth sensory system
  15. Body Scan
  16. Self-Identify blockages within the physical & energetic body.
  17. Brain Balance- differences between the right and left brain
  18. Trauma and Intergenerational Wounds

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