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Archetype: a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought or image universally present in individual psyches.

What’s your psyche holding? Which archetype do you identify with?

Join a Soul Circle class to find out and free your body of the mental thoughts and experiences that are calling to be realized and ultimately expressed.

At CFS we offer a variety of Soul Circle classes tailored for you. Read below and explore which one is better suited for you!



We have distinct patterns in our lives that eventually stop serving us and disable our potential. Discover these patterns and how they connect to your physical body. Whether you feel stuck or complacent, you have a disease or no disease, pain or no pain, this course will give you valuable insight into the core of your life. We will look into each archetype and behavior and identify its emotional root.

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Understand your patterns, what you like and which direction to turn in life to reach your highest potential. Find insight to major blockages to empower yourself to feel confident and pursue a life you love!

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We created this masculine circle to make it a little easier for your husband, boyfriend, fiancé or partner to recognize his emotions and how they transform into energy in the body and mind.

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An archetype is a universal pattern of power. Choose your patterns while your partner chooses their own. When you place them into twelve parts of your life it tells your story. Mix both patterns and it tells your relationship story. Try it- it’s fun!

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Date Night Soul Circle


A person can be addicted to an activity, habit, or substance. Come learn the patterns that circulate your energetic field. Let’s cut the shadows and embrace the wisdom you’re hiding.



Attention TEENS! Get to know who you are, where you fit in and what makes you happy! Discover the world of archetypes and what makes you, YOU!

Age group: 13-15 & 16-18

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Men’s Soul Circle:

I am glad to have been a part of this unique experience. As you probably could imagine, I was reluctant to participate in Soul Circle after initially hearing about it. Fortunately, my wife is stubborn and she convinced me to go. If I wasn't going to attend for myself at least I needed to participate for her. I discovered a lot about myself, such as what inhibits me from making the needed steps to move forward. I am beginning to realize the origin of the fears that I have placed in my life; and how I use fear to protect myself from certain realities. I've come to the understanding that the only way I can truly embrace life is to embrace reality (no matter the difficulties it may bring). These deep fears were not being revealed to me through my faith in God alone.

Thank you for creating a space and an outlet to project these feelings. I'm grateful to have persevered and completed the 12 months. I am a better man for it.

-Ryan, 34

The Soul Circle has been a transformational experience that I will never forget. Walking into class I realized what a Motley Crue of gentlemen Gina had gathered up. From the outside, it looked as though it was an AA meeting: suits, tattoos, squares, salesman and construction workers all sitting there, all unconscious to the truth we were about to unveil. But, as the truth of our archetypes began to strip away the layers, it was actually a group of souls waiting for the magnet of connection to turn on from our higher powers.

In the beginning, it started slow, like little children thrown on stage to a group of adults in the audience waiting to judge and dish out their parental criticism, but once the last pebble was dislodged the ball began to roll…and roll it did. Fears, dreams, accomplishments and pain began to explode like the 4th of July. The show had begun. The group began to break away from the handcuffs this life had put us in. We shared probably more than any of us had in any place, ever. We learned about us, the real us and how we worked. Not just on a subsurface level, but we actually began to connect the dots of how and why we do what we do and how it connects to our physical self, both mentally and physically.

The Soul Circle had become the circle of souls connected through vulnerability, honesty and trust. We began to give back what we were given in order to heal. Walking in a year ago I would’ve never thought that I and we could all accomplish what we did. We grew into better, stronger, more honest versions of ourselves and we realized that it’s all part of the plan.

Being in The Soul Circle has allowed me to grow, face inner demons that were locked deep inside and heal the pain that was hardwired into my existence.

Today I can breathe; today I can feel.

-Ian, 34

Date Night Soul Circle:

My husband and I recently got married and went to a Couples Therapy Night at Centripetal Force Studio. We had heard about the amazing work that Gina and her team were doing but had never been to a session. The session had 8 couples at all different stages in their relationship and we were blown away by our experience. We continue to benefit from the knowledge that we gained from this one workshop and look forward to attending the next one!

For me, the most beneficial part of the experience was casting my energy wheel to learn why I tend to behave and react the way that I do in situations. This activity shed light on behaviors that I have been repeating throughout my life and Gina helped me learn why I have these cycles and I am now thinking through ways to change patterns that do not serve me. The wheel also taught me to love and respect my husband more. I learned the energy behind his behaviors and this lesson continues to help my perspective we are faced with a difficult situation.

This is one of many things that we learned during the session and all of the lessons continue to serve us well. We were given a lot of materials at the work shop that we continue to use. Gina recommended that we journal about our lives to dig deeper into each energy archetype and continue the growth and learning process. We still sit together and journal as often as we can and this simple exercise has helped us work through changes in our ever-growing relationship!

Overall, I can say that this one night laid a deeper, stronger, more knowledge filled foundation for our marriage. It's one that we will continue to rely on for the rest of our lives.

-Jessica Tims

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