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Elevated Kids- Attention boys and girls! We have a class for you that teaches you about emotions and how it transfers as energy in the body. What makes you happy? What makes you sad? And then we embody it with physical movement. Age Groups: 6-8 years old, 9-11 years old

Elevated Girl/Boy Scouts- Got a meeting? We can empower your group!

Elevated Teens- We think important to know who we are at this age, how to use your voice and stay in your power amidst the chaos. We write, we move, we find stillness. It’s a body-mind thing. Age 12-14 years old

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I loved having Lindy participate in this and I could tell she really loved it too! She said she wanted to share her journal with me, so we went to dinner just the two of us and it was so cool to see her recognize her emotions and process through them. I loved hearing her share what she feels she needs support in and I have already begun acting on those. I'm so grateful for the time you invested in Lindy. I would love to enroll her in anything else you plan to do in the future!

– Elevated Kids Mom

Thank you so much for everything! Natalia is doing awesome! I can really see a shift in her self-confidence. I see it in how she speaks about herself, how she is carrying herself and I noticed that her commitment to caring for herself is much stronger. Yay!! She is waking up to do her stretching and meditations every day without me having to remind her.

– Elevated Teen Mom

Mr Mike has helped me get physically stronger by teaching me balance and strength exercises and also mentally stronger by meditation. I definitely understand my emotions better. Take anger for example. We talk about that, what it is and why it comes to us. He taught me things to do when different emotions pop up. I give Mr Mike 5 Stars! (Out of five)

-Emmett, age 10

When we first heard C Force studio had a class for boys we immediately thought of our son. He’s a sensitive kid, and we want to empower him to not only understand his emotions but also value them. Over the course of the class, our son learned the power of our emotions, and the connection to our bodies. He loved sharing what he learned about meditation and balance. We saw a near instant positive effect; he was exuding gratitude. So much so we caught ourselves glancing at one another as if to say “who is this kid?!” It rubbed off on the whole family! We also saw his minor tic cease. It would sometimes pop up during times of stress. He found the peace within himself when stressed at school. His ability to communicate his feelings has been a tremendous help as well. He’s able to illustrate, through words, how he’s feeling. We can then work with him - and revisit lessons with Mr. Mike - to address any negative feelings.

I believe that Mike taught him to harness the power he already has, within himself and for himself.

We are forever grateful for Mike, his positive energy he puts into the kids will help change the world.

-Angie, Elevated Boys Mom

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