What is Physioenergetic Therapy?


Physioenergetic Therapy treats and reverses the physiological effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and intergenerational trauma at the root of chronic pain, skeletal fractures, addiction, autoimmune disorders, mental disorders and more life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

Gina Calderone, MPT, a renowned physical therapist, developed, researched and applied this integrative method of physical therapy to repair the musculoskeletal system combined with hands-on energetic techniques to reset the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Past trauma hijacks the ANS into a constant state of threat and toxic stress that triggers the body into behaving as if the trauma is still happening, which overtime erodes physical and mental health. Using this innovative non-drug ACEs protocol, she has healed pain, disorders and disease in hundreds of adults, children and families over two decades in her private physical therapy practice, Centripetal Force Studio in Long Beach, California.

Physioenergetic Therapy targets the true source of the pain that is often missed in medicine because pain is numbed as a physical stimulus separated from the emotional experiences of life. The overarching goal of treatment is to detect the root experiences triggering the body to protect itself, connect the past trauma to the current pain signals to move the emotions and sensations into the past that manually restores the body to feel safe and sound in the present to heal.

The ACEs are stressful or traumatic events experienced by children before age 18 that involve violence at home, neglect, sexual abuse, divorce or having a parent with mental illness, incarceration, or substance dependence. These occur in the childhood home and unfortunately if not resolved can be repeated generation after generation.

Past trauma can often go undetected, invisibly altering the trajectory of a child’s health, learning, behavior, performance in sports, and overall ability to thrive in life, ultimately derailing adulthood. Childhood trauma ignites hyperactive energetic behaviors including impulsivity, panic and anxiety as well as deficient energetic behaviors such as depression, exhaustion and self-harm that can be restored without medication.

There are two branches of the ANS: the sympathetic response known as fight-flight-freeze that elevates heart, respiratory, hormones, sensory and circulation activity to bolster the body to survive a life-threatening experience and the parasympathetic that calms these organ systems to rest-digest and repair. Physioenergetic Therapy rehabilitates the ANS stuck in fight-flight and freeze and mentally spinning to restore calm, balance and overall feeling of safety that quells the incessant need to numb the pain and threat. 

Physioenergetic Therapy is ideal for treating physical and emotional pain in children, adults and families suffering from:

  • Chronic Pain – back, neck, pelvic, migraines
  • Skeletal fractures – broken bones and injuries
  • ADHD/hypersensitivity/hyperkinetic body
  • Asthma
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Suicidality
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Obesity/Eating Disorders
  • Addiction
  • Cancer Pain

From our first breath, humans are hard-wired to connect but childhood trauma unfortunately disrupts those circuits leading to isolation and disconnection. The goal of rehabilitation is to ease the body out of its protective posture and behaviors to empower the brain and core connection. When the body is restored to rest-digest and repair, the person can begin to feel light and alive making healthy choices that nourish their body, create relationships that enhance their lives, and embark on a purpose-filled path of hope, pride and courage in becoming a valuable, viable thriving member of their family and community.


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