Emotional Pain Chart

“Our body movement is reflective of our inner world.”  We teach you how to live inside your body. To feel your feet when they strike the ground and know which way you need to turn your foot in order to align your body and work toward being pain-free. It allows you to be conscious in your body while instinctively bringing awareness to your life. Your mind and body have connected. We see this automatically benefit the lives of our clients by helping them make decisions that are in the best interests of their health from choosing better foods to choosing a career that suits them better. A clearer mind helps you to expend less energy everyday and use that energy towards a life you love. 

Our emotional pain chart breaks down all of your physical maladies and helps you attribute them to the root cause. Every single person who comes through our door has connected with this emotional pain chart and used it as a starting point to really dive into their depression, unsteadiness, or whatever it may be. It’s incredible how, when the mind and body connect, our clients become visibly and quickly transformed. We see this automatically benefit their lives and it’s from something very simple—we’re helping them make decisions that are in their best interests for health, whether they’re choosing better foods or choosing a career that better suits them.


emotional pain chart that shows the connection between the body and the mind and how our emotions affect our health

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