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I have had back pain for as long as I can remember. In the late 1990’s I was hospitalized with severe back pain resulting in disc surgery (discectomy). Part of my rehabilitation called for Pilates therapy. After formal PT, I signed up for Cyndee’s mat and reformer classes. She is in tune with all of her student’s needs and personalizes routines to those unique needs, even in her group classes. Because of Cyndee’s dedication and skill, my core is strong and, at age 60, I can still wear my skinny jeans! I don’t know what I would do without her. She has made me a better person both inside and out! 

After turning 40 I found my body in terrible pain. Years of being a weekend warrior had taken its toll to the point that I was unable to play sports, lift weights or even sleep through the night due to so much pain. After working with Cyndee for 2 months I was back to doing the things I love. She has retrained my mechanics, strengthen my core and increase my flexibility. I am truly grateful for Cyndee’s expertise, passion and nurturing qualities. Because of her, I am happy again!

After practicing massage therapy and energy work for 10 years I have found it more difficult to find a therapist that is completely in tune and attuned to not only the body but the energetic field as well. Cyndee is the therapist I have unknowingly been searching for. After two sessions of Cranial Sacral therapy I felt my spirit and physical body shift in ways I can not fully describe, subtle, permanent transformations, release of life long suffering- just to name a few. The practice embodies compassion and Cyndee holds this delicate space for you to find that for yourself and in yourself.

As a result of severe back and neck injuries which occurred in my youth, I was left in later life with constant pain, stiffness, and stenosis. I was told by various doctors that I needed an operation to fuse my neck and spine. Not wanting to submit to what would surely be a long, painful process that offered an uncertain outcome at best, I decided to try Pilates. While Pilates did offer some relief, it was not until I started training exclusively with Cyndee that all my symptoms slowly began to vanish. She has the magic touch as far as I'm concerned. Since working with her for over three years I am now pain free and have only occasional stiffness. I would still be training with her today if she had not moved her studio back to Long Beach. Anyone who is considering taking Pilates would be very lucky to be able to train with Cyndee - there is no one that is any better."

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