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I would like to thank Gina for her incredible help with my son Aidan.

For years he's been getting a sty on either eye, for no reason that I could find.  I knew Gina from the gym, and she had mentioned the energy therapy she does and how it could actually be linked to Aidan’s eye problem.

After about 5 sessions with Gina, Aidan’s sty looks to be gone for good! Not sure how she did it or what she did, but it has been over 1 year and we are so grateful to her that the sty has not returned. 

Thank you Gina!

As a business owner, wife and a mother of a one year old, I was overwhelmed and finding myself in a state of paralysis and frustration. I needed help. I needed time for me. I needed balance! I was open and ready for a change.

After my first couple sessions with Gina I began to feel a change in myself. I felt the fire again in my body and the way I perceived the world around me was changing. I felt stronger and I was feeling my power again.

At one point I had told Gina that I take voice lessons and she did some energetic therapy on my throat, which Gina explained as “energy therapy focused on clearing blockage by releasing old, unconscious patterns that disempower us.” My voice coach "coincidentally" the following day made a comment on how powerful and open I sounded. And I simultaneously became more communicative with my husband “speaking my mind” in a way that was diplomatic and non-conflictive.

Gina felt I was ready to start moving my body so I began working with Erika. She’s got me to start breathing whilst moving! I felt awkward in the beginning but I’m starting to feel the flow. I’m feeling stronger and standing taller.

I feel grateful to have found Centripetal Force Studio. It’s changing my life!


Gina has an ease with distilling complex concepts and rehabilitation methods into easily understood nuggets. She radiates a calm, embodied presence and encourages healing through self-empowerment. She lives her message and work. She has created a community dedicated to personal growth through integration of spirit, mind, and body. I am honored to call her a colleague, friend and source of inspiration.

I have worked in the construction industry over 37 years. My job is a physical one that requires a lot of lifting (up to 100 lbs.), using a sledge hammer, shoveling, pushing/pulling equipment, etc.

Through out my career I have suffered many moderate injuries, strained ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, back, and even a hernia. Although not were all work related, I would “work through the pain,” not allowing my injuries to heal properly.

In 2011 problems in my entire lumbar surfaced. L1/L2 to L5/S1 all showed signs of moderate to severe stenosis, protruding discs, facet arthropathy and/or grade one spondylolisthesis. Basically narrowing of nerve canals, arthritis, and forward displacement of the vertebra.

The first 3 to 4 months I couldn’t walk without a cane. The first couple of weeks I was pretty much home bound in a wheelchair. All due to the pain, discomfort and loss of movement.

My sister (an existing client) recommended to see Mrs. Calderone of Centripetal Force Studio.

Gina’s methodology of complete body and mind alignment uses a unique combination of several exercise methods and disciplines- such as yoga and pilates- to realign the entire body with itself in order to regain normal movement, flexibility, and strength, through exercise and stretching.

At about 4 months into my physical therapy I got rid of the cane and by 10 months I was able to perform most of my normal work and home duties that didn’t involve heavy lifting. It has been 3 years, and other than heavy lifting (50 to 60 lbs.), I am able to perform all of my work duties as well as my home chores.

I still do my daily exercise and stretching routine that takes about an hour, including icing or heat afterward. Although I will never do heavy lifting again, and at age 56, I don’t want to be doing that kind of lifting anyway. The goal of no surgery has been met!

The key is exercise and stretching regularly and allowing your body to heal properly when injured.

Additionally to my back being restored, when I do get or have a body or muscle ache or pull, I can use exercise and stretching techniques I’ve learned from Gina to heal them in days usually instead of weeks or even months.

Thank you Centripetal Force!

Sincerely (still a client), Don. 

As one of Gina Betancourt-Calderone's early Physical Therapy patients in 2004, I sought her guidance and support to achieve greater flexibility through Pilates based Physical Therapy. This was the baseline of my health that Gina used in assessing my overall health decline, which started in 2008.

In October 2008, I experienced my first flare-up of sciatica, which was excruciating. In addition to the sciatica, I also started to develop Dupuytren's Contracture in both hands along with continual pain in my neck, right scapula and right arm. After the initial sciatica flare-up and the ensuing Worker's Compensation Claim and Ergonomic Study, I settled into the prescribed physical therapy, narcotic pain relief and sleep medications and finally, lumbar and cervical steroid epidural injections. After 12 months, there was still no relief from the chronic pain. My body was slowly declining and I felt helpless to stop it.

In October 2009, I came back to Gina to again try Pilates based Physical Therapy which I hoped might alleviate the chronic daily pain I was still experiencing since that fateful day in October 2008. It was during this initial session that Gina realized that my chronic pain might be related to underlying emotional disturbances and work-related stress rather than just a physical cause. Worse, Gina had seen a great decline in my vitality and health in a very short amount of time and was concerned for my future health. At the conclusion of the 10 Pilates Physical Therapy Sessions, my condition was still no better.

In December 2009, Gina suggested that we try a different tack using Energy work with subtle physical manipulation. In the 10 sessions of Energy work, Gina was able to help me see the path I needed to take with respect to my health, career, and finances. More importantly, she was able to convince me to take 2 months of much needed medical leave to stop this death spiral. This was achieved through the journaling assignments, the study of archetypes and discussions with clear and concise self-discovery questions.

Now in September 2010 and as a result of the Energy work sessions, I have accomplished the following:

  • I no longer have chronic daily pain
  • I no longer take narcotic pain relief medications
  • I no longer take sleep medications
  • My Dupuytren's Contracture progression has halted in both hands
  • I have a renewed vitality for life

More importantly, Gina helped me to see the dysfunctions in my life that I had created that caused my self-imposed death spiral. Better still, she helped quiet my anxiety so that I could see the clear path I needed to follow to accomplish the goals I had set forth. My life is forever changed as a result of the intuitive medical healing that Gina gave so generously of her heart. Gina has empowered me by providing the self-healing tools needed to prevent the recurrence of this debilitating condition. I no longer feel as though I am waiting for the announcement of a disease that will steal my vitality (and perhaps my life).

Gina saved my life!

Working with Gina to better understand my core/emotional connection has been a completely profound experience. As someone who has always strived to be self-aware, present and physically strong and healthy, understanding my archetypes and their ultimate physical connection to my body and spirit feels like the last piece of the puzzle. Her program has helped me in ways both big and small and I have found the work to be inspiring, eye-opening and an invaluable key to the lock of limitless potential!

I sought out Gina's help for chronic foot pain after hitting dead ends with two podiatrists and an orthopedic surgeon. My doctors were at a loss for solutions and I hadn't found any relief for nearly a year. After carefully considering my condition, Gina designed a program of strengthening exercises and physical therapy that was very easy to follow. What I appreciated most about my work with Gina was her ability to ask the right questions about my condition. She thoughtfully encouraged self-reflection on the emotional and mental stresses that could be contributing to my physical pain. It is this mind and body approach to healing that sets Gina apart and helped me finally find relief for my aching foot. A year later I am nearly pain-free, back to wearing my favorite heels and doing all the physical activities I love.

Gina has been my physical therapist for about a year now. She helped tremendously with my physical problems and enabled me to understand how they affected my emotional well-being. She taught me that only I know the true potential of my body and made me realize what I need to do to achieve it. Out of all of the practitioners that I’ve seen, she was the only one that actually took time to talk to me to really figure out what was going on in my life. She didn’t just give me a brace, she looked beyond where the pain was to see where it was actually coming from. See has opened my eyes to a number of things that have had a huge impact on my body and health. She is a great therapist and anyone would be lucky to work with her.

After years of suffering from hip pain I decided to see Gina. I’ve heard people rave about her, but most importantly I’ve actually seen a difference in her clients and the way they carry themselves. Everyone I’ve seen come and go from her office appears grounded, happy, and well! So I made my first appointment and was amazed to have zero hip pain less than 24 hours later. It seemed like a miracle because all I had done was make a few minor changes in the way I stood, yet the pain was completely gone. But Gina explained that pain has a way of transferring/relocating as we allow the healing process to unfold. After working with Gina for several weeks and progressing toward being pain-free I was disappointed to wake up to excruciating pain in my coccyx- all of a sudden I could not sit or lie down without cringing! Aside from focusing on my physical pain during our next session, Gina also recognized an area of my personal life that might be contributing to the physical pain I was experiencing. I went home with an aching coccyx and reflected on some emotional things that needed attention. Truly, that’s all that was needed- a little attention and recognition! I simply acknowledged some things in my life and released the power they had over me and my well-being, and the pain vanished as quickly as it had appeared. The process was simple but not easy. It’s not easy to be vulnerable and experience some new aches and pains, but the outcome is worth the effort because I have never felt this well! My body is becoming stronger and I’m finding peace as I explore areas of my life that have been overlooked.

Gina Calderone is a very insightful and skilled physical therapist. I think of her as a body detective who works with her clients to get to the heart of the imbalance; be it physical, emotional or a combination of both. I appreciate the different modalities she uses. She is certified in Pilates and Gyrotonic® as well as an MPT and is gifted at knowing what form of exercise will help address the client's problem. I have enjoyed building my strength and balance through my work with her and the equally talented Erika Budriunas. My orthopedic surgeon was very impressed with the work she has done with me. She has helped me avoid a second knee surgery and I am most grateful.

When Ava came to Gina she was experiencing both knee and back pain from simple childhood activities like running and jumping. After less than a year of working with Gina, Ava was able to make that core connection and now has a beautiful running stride, is learning how to ice skate and roller blade using her core strength, enjoys yoga, and truly enjoys using her body to climb, swim, practice handstands, and kart wheels (and so goes the list of eight year old activities). Ava is active on a daily basis, she enjoys regular strenuous activity completely pain free and clearly loving every blessed minute of it. Thanks Gina!

I first went to Gina because of pain in my back and legs caused by my bad posture. She carefully checked out both my posture and my gait, then came up with a treatment plan that has helped to “straighten me out” through stretching, core work, and balance exercises. My pain has subsided and I think she has added one inch to my height!

After having had a knee surgery, I went to Gina for post-surgical rehabilitation. I was very impressed with her thorough assessment and her unique physical therapy techniques significantly improved my recovery. I have continued to see Gina since then and she is truly a “body detective”--she knows exactly how to find out what is misaligned or causing pain, then figures out the best modality to fix it. I have been working with Erica for almost three years--she is a great trainer and a fantastic private instructor for Pilates and Gyrotonic®. Every session with her is different as she changes up the routines on each day. Erica knows how to maximize someone’s workout without pushing them too far--she is always very sensitive to a person’s abilities, chronic conditions and fitness goals.

Gina has a gift in helping individuals see that the power is within them when it comes to healing. She taps your power source via her power source and you begin to take control of chronic pain, which tries to control you. Western medicine has failed when it comes to chronic pain. We have been in this pain epidemic for quite some time and it is getting worse and not better. There is this mind-body connection, which is quite fascinating. Once you understand it, you have to do just one simple thing, MOVE. Gina has a great gift of making you responsible for eliminating pain instead of pills, shots and unnecessary surgery. She provides an alternative approach to this difficult, complex subject.

Its a funny thing getting used to pain and learning to cope instead of seeking out answers and deciding to take control. Even though I am only 31, that pretty much described my situation before being referred to Gina. Working with Gina completely shifted my preconceived thoughts about my pain and put me on a fast track towards thoughtful action and eventual recovery. The flexibility and strengthening techniques she taught me changed how my body worked and completely removed the pressure and tightness in my lower back that had me sidelined for years. I went from pain when walking to surfing in 2 months and I will never look back. Not only did her teachings heal me, they taught me how to heal myself and keep my body healthy going forward. The body and the mind are powerful forces when aligned and Gina opened the door to my mind body connection. Being someone who has been through a lifetime of pain and injuries including a C-2 fracture, I have had dozens of physical therapists over the years, and all they did was make me want to give up on physical therapy. Gina opened new doors and made more progress than I ever thought possible.

When I was first introduced to Gina, it was after I had given up on trying to help myself on my own or through standard procedures of therapy. I had been living at home for about a year and was experiencing such painful back problems that nothing would help. In addition, I was experiencing what my psychiatrist diagnosed as "night terrors" or "lucid nightmares" that affected my daily activity and progress. It was so dramatic that I was beginning to turn back into my old habits of anxiety and depression. At the time, I didn't know which problem needed attention first, but my mother referred me to Gina, claiming she would be able to help me with both. I will admit that I was not only reluctant to go, but not convinced that those two issues had anything to do with one another. After seeing Gina for a few months, my night terrors had completely stopped. My back pain was diminishing quickly, and I was becoming a new person. She not only treated the two problems I came to her for, but improved my view of self-worth, motivation, and understanding. With her help, I have come to understand how to respond to what my body and my mind are telling me and act off of it. Within the first five minutes of talking with her, I knew she "got" people through understanding herself and serving others intensively. I can safely say that every time I walk out of an appointment with her, I feel like I can accomplish anything. She is a rare talent and has rapidly become one of my mentors.

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