Dillon, 31

Its a funny thing getting used to pain and learning to cope instead of seeking out answers and deciding to take control. Even though I am only 31, that pretty much described my situation before being referred to Gina. Working with Gina completely shifted my preconceived thoughts about my pain and put me on a fast track towards thoughtful action and eventual recovery. The flexibility and strengthening techniques she taught me changed how my body worked and completely removed the pressure and tightness in my lower back that had me sidelined for years. I went from pain when walking to surfing in 2 months and I will never look back. Not only did her teachings heal me, they taught me how to heal myself and keep my body healthy going forward. The body and the mind are powerful forces when aligned and Gina opened the door to my mind body connection. Being someone who has been through a lifetime of pain and injuries including a C-2 fracture, I have had dozens of physical therapists over the years, and all they did was make me want to give up on physical therapy. Gina opened new doors and made more progress than I ever thought possible.

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