Amber, 35

As a business owner, wife and a mother of a one year old, I was overwhelmed and finding myself in a state of paralysis and frustration. I needed help. I needed time for me. I needed balance! I was open and ready for a change.

After my first couple sessions with Gina I began to feel a change in myself. I felt the fire again in my body and the way I perceived the world around me was changing. I felt stronger and I was feeling my power again.

At one point I had told Gina that I take voice lessons and she did some energetic therapy on my throat, which Gina explained as “energy therapy focused on clearing blockage by releasing old, unconscious patterns that disempower us.” My voice coach "coincidentally" the following day made a comment on how powerful and open I sounded. And I simultaneously became more communicative with my husband “speaking my mind” in a way that was diplomatic and non-conflictive.

Gina felt I was ready to start moving my body so I began working with Erika. She’s got me to start breathing whilst moving! I felt awkward in the beginning but I’m starting to feel the flow. I’m feeling stronger and standing taller.

I feel grateful to have found Centripetal Force Studio. It’s changing my life!


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