Sam, 24

When I was first introduced to Gina, it was after I had given up on trying to help myself on my own or through standard procedures of therapy. I had been living at home for about a year and was experiencing such painful back problems that nothing would help. In addition, I was experiencing what my psychiatrist diagnosed as "night terrors" or "lucid nightmares" that affected my daily activity and progress. It was so dramatic that I was beginning to turn back into my old habits of anxiety and depression. At the time, I didn't know which problem needed attention first, but my mother referred me to Gina, claiming she would be able to help me with both. I will admit that I was not only reluctant to go, but not convinced that those two issues had anything to do with one another. After seeing Gina for a few months, my night terrors had completely stopped. My back pain was diminishing quickly, and I was becoming a new person. She not only treated the two problems I came to her for, but improved my view of self-worth, motivation, and understanding. With her help, I have come to understand how to respond to what my body and my mind are telling me and act off of it. Within the first five minutes of talking with her, I knew she "got" people through understanding herself and serving others intensively. I can safely say that every time I walk out of an appointment with her, I feel like I can accomplish anything. She is a rare talent and has rapidly become one of my mentors.

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