Amanda, 29

After years of suffering from hip pain I decided to see Gina. I’ve heard people rave about her, but most importantly I’ve actually seen a difference in her clients and the way they carry themselves. Everyone I’ve seen come and go from her office appears grounded, happy, and well! So I made my first appointment and was amazed to have zero hip pain less than 24 hours later. It seemed like a miracle because all I had done was make a few minor changes in the way I stood, yet the pain was completely gone. But Gina explained that pain has a way of transferring/relocating as we allow the healing process to unfold. After working with Gina for several weeks and progressing toward being pain-free I was disappointed to wake up to excruciating pain in my coccyx- all of a sudden I could not sit or lie down without cringing! Aside from focusing on my physical pain during our next session, Gina also recognized an area of my personal life that might be contributing to the physical pain I was experiencing. I went home with an aching coccyx and reflected on some emotional things that needed attention. Truly, that’s all that was needed- a little attention and recognition! I simply acknowledged some things in my life and released the power they had over me and my well-being, and the pain vanished as quickly as it had appeared. The process was simple but not easy. It’s not easy to be vulnerable and experience some new aches and pains, but the outcome is worth the effort because I have never felt this well! My body is becoming stronger and I’m finding peace as I explore areas of my life that have been overlooked.

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