Joint Pain

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09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” -Leonardo Da Vinci

Awaken your sole by feeling your feet strike the ground. We teach you the importance of stretching the fascia of your arch and mobilizing the toes with extra special attention to the great toe. We educate the value of strengthening the inner line of the leg- the arch, inside calf muscles, inner thighs and it’s connection through the pelvic floor to the core. This program can potentially save you from future bunion and hammertoe surgeries, collapsed arches and heel spurs. If you see your great toe starting to curve inward or the tops of your toes developing calluses because of hammertoes, even if the pain is minimal, come see us soon. We will connect you to the core of the problem with great understanding so you can walk forward in life with ease. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Stop feeing so guilty. You did the best you could. Open up your joints and let it go. Let it all go and enjoy the goodness life has to offer. You will learn how to roll through the ankle and maximize it’s range of motion while instinctively rolling though life at your highest potential. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Hey. Your knees can only take so much. The poor guy is the middle-man between two multi-directional joints, the ankle and the hip. This program teaches you how to open and stabilize the hip and ankle so the knee can do its thing…glide. This will require you to be a bit more mindful while walking and standing and with just a few tweaks your knees can be pain-free and halt the inevitable arthroscopic and knee replacement surgeries. So, let go and learn to be flexible in those knees and maybe even in your life! 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Whether you don’t have money or you do, you may wonder what it would be like to have more or stress that you may lose it at any moment. Regardless, this emotion sits heavily in the lower back region. Recognize that principle while connecting to the deep abdominals and the lower leg muscles that are in need of power and support. Poof. Gone. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Your spine needs support just like you do in life. It is important to know how to engage the deep layers of the abdominals and pelvic floor muscles in order to stabilize the vertebrae. And in finding this strength you carry it with you while you walk, sit and even into life. Your spine is the foundation of your body’s frame and needs support from the core-physically and emotionally. This education is truly priceless. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Unclench your hands and stop restricting the flow of life. Relax. Let your muscles be at ease so the blood and nerve connection can freely move from the neck to the wrist. It needs a little attention and so do you. We have tricks for this one and they are good. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Gripping on to life? Well, so is your hand to objects and causing pain at the elbow. Twist and turn your shoulder and wrist in a new direction and accept new experiences allowing that elbow to bend with life. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Are you stubborn and inflexible or is it your neck? It’s both! Here’s the deal… you recognize the personal issue and we will help you loosen up your spine and connect to the proper muscles to do their job. In the end, everyone wins…even your pain-free neck. 

21 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Our hips move us forward in life. It’s when we stop and ask ourselves, “Where am I going in life?”. Then we know, plant our foot in the prints and GO. This program has this philosophy coincided with manual therapy to open the hip, core connection and understanding new movement patterns to preserve the hip. When these two concepts connect, the hip glides and rotates, enjoying it’s new home. 

21 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Whether you have shoulder arthritis, tendinitis, impingement or a dislocation we have to biomechanically correct the faulty posture and plug into those deep stabilizer muscles. You will soon realize that your pain is not a burden, it may have just been your attitude about life. It’s okay...Your shoulder is so forgiving.

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