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29 April 2014 In Our Treatments

Whether it’s your purpose or career path, connection with relationship or sexuality, rebooting your creativity or insight to your pain, CFstudio is your guide. The Archetypal Patterning process connects the dots you have been struggling with most of your life. We got you.  

29 April 2014 In Our Treatments

We are not talking about physical pounds here. Nope. We are addressing the stuffed feelings and unexpressed emotions within your frame by simply moving your energetic, emotional and physical body to release the dead weight. This approach leaves you feeling your best and looking lighter than ever. Perhaps this is the answer to your weight loss. C'mon, empower yourself. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Learn the proper positioning of the pelvis and how to connect with the deep layers of your abdominals. This work helps to support your spine from head to tail creating a strong foundation for your body. This groundwork opens so many doors to life: from a flat belly to a deeper connection to your soul. You make it yours. Either way, core connection can give you tools that stabilize the entire body saving you from pain at any major joint. Because regardless of the location of one’s pain, it always comes back to core connection. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Train your body to sit: Our bodies were not made to sit nor stand all day. We need balance. We can teach you specific nerve stretching that is essential to eliminate potential issues with computer use. Proper neck and back positioning with core connection is key to sitting pain-free and ultimately liking your job, or maybe realizing that you don’t and move on to what makes you happy. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

This program has been constructed for the person who has tried everything- medication, injections, surgery and even alternative healthcare. They feel like they need “something else”. It’s an introduction to the emotional and energetic body. Plug in and enjoy the journey. 

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