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09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

These kids haven’t been here that long to be experiencing physical pain. We help them pay attention to the details of life- if I feel _____, my body feels______. Structural alignment is key with education on proper muscle engagement. Correct the problem now before it escalates into a larger problem. It’s a valuable lifetime tool that can prevent unnecessary accidents and surgeries. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

So much is going on with a teenager: Hormones, physical changes and growth. This is a perfect opportunity to lay the groundwork of the importance of proper foot placement, pelvis position, core connection and overall posture. At such a young age, they can develop good habits, physically while instinctively staying grounded helping to make great decisions in life. The body is powerful to work through to get to the mind. Give your children the gift of movement to teach them personal tools for life. 

21 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Let’s discover who you are, what you like and what makes you tick. When you understand these patterns about yourself it could be your guiding tool to your studies in college, career, good relationships or just to know a little something more about yourself. Oh...and it’s fun!

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