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09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Experiencing a bit of pain during your run? Not enough to go to the doctor, but too much to ignore? We can help you make small corrections to your gait pattern- from the angle of the pelvis and torso to the simple foot strike. Either way, we line you up energetically and physically to generate a steady and balanced pace. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Learn correct posture while cycling so you can plug into the proper muscles and give the ones a break that are screaming for help. We teach you how to push with the inner line of the leg with a tipped pelvis for a whole new pain-free ride. Enjoy that. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

We typically see neck, back and knee pain with this sport. It can be easily corrected with a simple change of biomechanics. This means you dial your brain into your body, connect your feet to your core strength and voila…focused, pain-free and rippin’. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

This sport is quick and explosive with the body, so hopefully you are conditioned well. This means knowing proper deep hip stretches with sufficient torso rotation and shoulder stabilization. Good tips to keep you out of the operating room. Get c.o.n.n.e.c.t.e.d. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

We won’t teach you how to shoot a hole in one, but we can sure teach you how to move from your hips and torso with stabilized shoulders and a light grip on your club to ensure a connected pain-free swing. 

21 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Do your hips hurt? Is your back tight or maybe some feet issues? This is the day in the life of a dancer. Let’s cut the drama, put your foot down, lift your spine and use your powerhouse to establish clean lines. We encourage a good postural foundation and a deep emotional knowing of yourself so you can rock that stage. 

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