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RE-CONNECT TO YOUR BODY. GET TUNED-UP. FEEL FANTASTIC Recover from surgery, Prevent injury, Heal from injuries, Connect to You, Get the most out of your workouts, Heal from chronic pain & illness

Rebuild Your Foundation

A stronger focus on physical therapy, combined with some energetic therapy. Life has most certainly occurred and you need to unravel the old you and rebuild a new one, from the inside out.

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Whether you have shoulder arthritis, tendinitis, impingement or a dislocation we have to biomechanically correct the faulty posture and plug into those deep stabilizer muscles. You will soon realize that your pain is not a burden, it may have just been your attitude about life. It’s okay…Your shoulder is so forgiving. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Reduce or go up in size? Either way we need to discover your new center. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Welcome to the new you. Let’s continue the path to health to connecting to you and your body, aligning its structure from the inside out so you can make the best choices for you. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

This program is designed for the individual who has had a surgery-anywhere from carpal tunnel, arthroscopic to total joint replacement. We want to make sure you have achieved full range of motion with proper movement to avoid causing a future problem along the chain. It’s mostly education and it’s worth it. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Whether your baby is a newborn or twenty years old, this program is for you. We teach you how to re-connect with the core of your new self; physically, the deep layer of the abdominals and the pelvic floor while emotionally, the stressors of daily motherhood. The core connection is important to stabilize the spine and give you the support you need to be a mother. We designed this program to educate a mother about her feminine body and strengthen it after the delivery, which is so important for the integrity of the pelvic floor to avoid back problems, incontinence and a prolapsed uterus over the years. Take care of your body, it’s the only one you have. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Do your hips hurt? Is your back tight or maybe some feet issues? This is the day in the life of a dancer. Let’s cut the drama, put your foot down, lift your spine and use your powerhouse to establish clean lines. We encourage a good postural foundation and a deep emotional knowing of yourself so you can rock that stage. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Experiencing a bit of pain during your run? Not enough to go to the doctor, but too much to ignore? We can help you make small corrections to your gait pattern- from the angle of the pelvis and torso to the simple foot strike. Either way, we line you up energetically and physically to generate a steady and balanced pace. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

Learn correct posture while cycling so you can plug into the proper muscles and give the ones a break that are screaming for help. We teach you how to push with the inner line of the leg with a tipped pelvis for a whole new pain-free ride. Enjoy that. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

We typically see neck, back and knee pain with this sport. It can be easily corrected with a simple change of biomechanics. This means you dial your brain into your body, connect your feet to your core strength and voila…focused, pain-free and rippin’. 

09 May 2014 In Our Treatments

This sport is quick and explosive with the body, so hopefully you are conditioned well. This means knowing proper deep hip stretches with sufficient torso rotation and shoulder stabilization. Good tips to keep you out of the operating room. Get c.o.n.n.e.c.t.e.d. 

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